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Jabbers' April 2000 Weight Loss Journal

April 2nd: Well, tomorrow I have decided to do the "Cabbage Soup Diet" for a week. I feel the need to do something to jump start the weight loss again. I know a fad diet isn't the best way to do it, but right now I think I need to go back and try one of my old routines just to see if it can work. Not that it's ever worked for me in the past... but who knows, maybe it will jump start the weight loss again. Will weigh in tomorrow morning so I have a starting weight.

April 3rd (227 lbs): Today starts the Cabbage Soup diet...yuck, I hate the idea of jumping back into the fad weight loss crap again. Will post later on during the week to let ya know how it's going.

April 5th (225 lbs): YAY! -2 lbs going into Day 3. Even if it's only water weight, it's a good motivator to see the scale moving again. It hasn't been moving very fast lately. I know it's healthiest to lose it slow, but after having a six inch incision in my belly and having my stomach reduced to 3 oz capacity, it's nice to see a little bit faster weight loss than 6-7 lbs in a month. I'd like to get back to the 10 lbs a month loss. I can live with dropping at that pace.

April 9th (222 lbs): Well, I lost 5 lbs in 5 days...I'm very pleased with the results of the cabbage soup diet. I must admit this is not a diet that one could follow for a very long time period. Just not enough variety. Even though you can have an assortment of fruits and veggies, I got a bit sick of it by day 3. Next week I'm going to concentrate on going towards a low carb eating, not sure how structured I'm going to be.

April 10th (220 lbs): Woah. I lost another two lbs since yesterday...I was so surprized when I got on the scale this morning that I had to get off and step back on 5 times just to make sure!!! I'm so thrilled! This is the weight I started at 4 years ago when I went on phen-fen. Another 10 lbs off and I'll be at the weight I was three years ago when I started my online weight loss journal. Seems like a lifetime ago.

April 16th (220 lbs): Managed to maintain my weight for a week, but this coming week I'll be doing the cabbage soup diet again to see if I can drop a few more lbs before the wedding. I had a great experience this old manager that I worked for in Arizona came to the Texas location where I work now and he didn't even recognize me!!!! He kept going on and on about how great I looked...was definately a great feeling!

April 22nd (215 lbs): Well, I managed to drop another 5 lbs on the cabbage soup diet. When I did it two weeks ago, I lost 7 lbs, then went off the diet for a week and just maintained my weight. (At least I didn't gain when I went off the diet...that is an absolute first for me) It's a hard diet to stick to.. must admit I wasn't cheat free on this program.

April 25th: Havent much new to report, tomorrow I go to Austin to get ready for my sisters wedding on Saturday. My dress was originally a size 28W and has been altered to a 16-18W. I'm pretty proud of myself! Will post pictures as soon as I have some available. Until Sunday.. take care all!

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