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Jabbers' July 2000 Weight Loss Journal

July 1st: Ya know something..I've been titling each month's web page as Jabbers Weight Loss Journal, but it's been months since I've had any weight loss to write about. I'm really determined to change this. I went to the gym today for the first time in forever.. just swam a little, but it was a good start. My daughter is having her birthday party August 5th in Austin and there is a good chance that her dad is going to finally make an appearance at one of her birthdays (He's 1 for 8 so far in the birthday department) I'd really love to be under the 200 mark just so I can feel more self confident if he does show up. (It's a pool party so you can imagine how I'm going to feel about putting on a bathing suit if he's there) It's not that I have any feelings for him, but you can still imagine what it's like to see your ex again.. you want to make sure you look your best to rub it in exactly what he left behind! My goal for this week is to go to the gym 3 times.

July 3rd: I went to the gym again yesterday and lifted weights and swam, it felt really good. I'm going again today which will make three days in a row. Pretty good since the last time I had gone to the gym was May 29th. My daughter went to Austin yesterday and will be gone for two weeks. She's spending time with her other grandparents and her father. She's having a great time so far, and hopefully this will be a new start for building a relationship with her dad. In the nine years she's been alive, I can count on one hand the number of times she's spent with him. She still adores him though, so for her sake I really hope he can bond with her.

July 4th: Today makes day 4 in a row going to the gym...I've been doing light weights, stationary bike, and swimming every day so far. My body is feeling pain from muscles I had entirely forgotten that I have!! It's a good soreness though, reminds me that I still have muscles hidden underneath the fat. I'm going to take my measurements and start keeping track of that as well as the weight loss since the scale has stopped moving the last few months. As long as I can see the inches come off, the scale won't bother me too much if it doesn't keep moving down...

July 6th: I went to the gym yesterday again which made for 5 days in a row... a record for me! I did take today off to let my achy muscles rest, but plan to be back there again tomorrow. Not a whole lot more to report... will do my measurements this weekend and put them on a chart so I can chart my progress there... have been afraid to get on the scale cuz if it hasnt started to move again, I was worried I'd give up on the exercise thing. I bought a Woman's Book of inspirational quotes that I'm going to start reading to hopefully be inspired ;)

July 10th: It's been a few days since I updated, so let me fill you in on what's been going on...I went to the gym on Friday the 7th, and Sunday the 9th which makes 7 out of 10 days this month! I'm so proud of myself..I plan to go again on Wednesday with a friend from work..she's going to join the gym so I'll have a workout buddy. Saturday night I met an online friend from Austin and had a bbq at his friend's house. It was a lot of fun, I haven't really socialized much at all since Pat and I split up. I wouldn't really call it a "date" but at least it was a chance to get out and have fun. Scott is a really great guy and I loved talking with him. It was a big step for me because I've been so self conscious about going out and doing much of anything since Pat and I split up last fall. But that was 10 months ago, so it's definately time to get out and start living again. The only downfall about the weekend was that I ate and ate and ate.. and drank and drank and drank...I felt so bloated and hung over yesterday. I definately need to not do that again. Will try not to beat myself up too bad over it, but will have to try real hard to keep on track the rest of this week.

July 12th: Went to the gym after work today with one of my co-workers. It was really fun having someone to work out with! She wants to start going to the gym every day after work, so I think having someone that is depending on me to go with her will help keep me on track. OOOOH! I forgot to mention something...two months ago I donated blood at my church for their blood drive. I got a card in the mail with my blood type and it listed my cholesterol level at 158. My cholesterol level before my surgery was over 200. I'm so happy to see it so far down!!

July 24th: Sorry for the delay in updating..have been really busy working both jobs, I'm getting close to deciding that it's just not worth having a part time job anymore. I've been working out at the gym with my friend Amy from work, we've been doing about 45 minutes of cardiovascular and then lifting weights. Have been staying away from the scale this month because I don't think it's moved and I didnt want to get discouraged.

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