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June and July 2001 Weight Loss Journal

June 19th (167 lbs): I apologize for the lack of updating...I was in the hospital for three weeks with a bleeding ulcer and have had a hard time getting back on my feet. My weight loss is still going well, mainly due to the fact that I was on IV fluids only most of my hospital stay. Not the funnest way to lose weight, but I won't complain. I've lost 133 lbs so far, I'm really looking forward to hitting 150 lbs so I can say that I've lost half of myself. *grin*

July 3rd (165 lbs): Again I must apologize for the lack of updating my web's been difficult recovering from my ulcer and getting back to work full time. There hasn't been much to update on my weight loss either. I'm still losing weight..alot of it is just because I have difficulties keeping certain foods down. I've been eating a lot of chicken noodle soup and other soft bland foods. I hope everyone has a very safe and happy 4th of July holiday!

July 10th: Not much new to update, I'm still having a lot of problems with vomiting and nausea, I saw my gastroenterologist and he wants to do another endoscope and go in to take a look at my tummy. He thinks the ulcer should be healed pretty much by now and isn't sure why I get sick so much, he said my pouch size has probably shrunk quite a bit from when I was on nothing but IV fluids for three weeks in the hospital. He said that may be part of the reason I'm getting sick, just the fact that my tummy doesn't hold as much as it did before the ulcer and that I may need to be following more of a post-op diet like I did right after my surgery. I guess I definitely can't complain if my pouch shrunk, most people have to worry about the pouch stretching over time and being able to consume large amounts of food. I definitely don't want that to happen. It's still frustrating to be sick all the time.

July 24th: My scale at home says 159 lbs, and is the same scale I've been using since before my surgery. Today I went to Weight Watchers and joined, their scale said 169.4. So I guess to keep things the same, I'll just start posting what my weight is according to the WW scale. That's a 10 lb difference though!! EEEK. I'm really excited about Weight Watchers, I need to start getting better eating behaviors because the weight loss surgery is only a tool. I can only eat small amounts, but sometimes I eat a lot of junk that I just don't need to be eating. Hopefully with WW I will be held more accountable with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

July 30th: Ok, I have decided that I am completely mental when it comes to trying to do a structured eating plan. For the last 6 weeks or so since getting out of the hospital, I have CONSTANTLY thrown up or been nauseated, to the point I was barely eating anything but soup and both. Dropped about 12 lbs since getting out of the hospital. Last week I join Weight Watchers with a few friends from work. The FIRST day on the WW plan I was hungry ALL DAY, exceeded my daily allotment of points by 2. It's like I have this mental sabotage going that as soon as I decide that I'm going to "diet" right away I have the urge to cheat. When I wasn't even TRYING to lose weight I couldn't keep food down to save my life. Go figure. I weigh in tomorrow night, will post my weight then.

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