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November 2000 Weight Loss Journal

November 15th (200 lbs): Yes!!! I've finally done it.. I've lost exactly 100 lbs in a little over a year and two weeks. I'll be so excited to be able to post out of the 200's... I've been stuck in those numbers for a better part of 4 years and it's been really sad. I still have a long way, and plan on posting some one year pictures, probably when I go to my sisters house for Thangsgiving.

November 17th: I've had a horrible case of the flu the last few days.. nausea, vomiting, chills...the works. It's probably helped the weight loss efforts, but I'm too exhausted to even get on the scale. Will update this weekend after I get some rest.

November 26th: Sorry for the lack of updating, I spent a week with the flu and then went to Austin for a week to visit my sister and brother. I don't think I did too bad during the Thanksgiving holiday, I know I ate more than I normally do, but as I sat and watched how much everyone else around me ate, I realized that my weight loss surgery tool is still working for me. A little over a year ago, I would have eaten as much, if not more, than everyone else at the table. I haven't weighed myself in almost two weeks, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't crept up too much past the 200 mark, and maybe even if I'm lucky, the week of the flu may have dropped me below 199. Oh my god, I cannot even fathom what it will be like to finally say that I weigh less than 200 lbs. The last time I could say that was 4 years ago. OOOOOOH! One thing I must let ya'll know. I went shopping last night for a few winter outfits for work. I've been wearing 20-22 pants, but they had an outfit that I really liked, but it was only available in 22-24 pants or 18. So, I took both of them in the dressing room thinking one would be too big and the other too tight... the size 18 fit PERFECT!!!! I went running out of the dressing room screaming "Mom, Mom! Come look.... they fit! they fit!" Everyone at Catos probably thought I was a lunatic, but I don't care, it was my shining moment!


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