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Trackin' My Treadmill Miles!

Exercise Log!
Monday00 minutes0.0 miles
Tuesday00 minutes0.0 miles
Wednesday00 minutes0.0 miles
Thursday00 minutes0.0 miles
Friday00 minutes0.0 miles
Saturday00 minutes0.0 miles
Sunday00 minutes0.0 miles
Total this week30 minutes1.3 miles
Previous week90 minutes4.5 miles
Total for February90 minutes 4.5 miles

Pooh's View on Exercise

When I up, down, touch the ground
It puts me in the mood
Up, down, touch the ground
In the mood for food!

I am stout, round, and I have found
Speaking poundage wise
I improve my appetite
When I exercise!

I am short, fat, and proud of that
And so with all my might
I up, down, and up and down
To my appetite's delight!

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