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September 2001 Weight Loss Journal

September 6, 2001: Well, it's been way way too long since I've updated my web page... I guess I just haven't had too much interesting to write about. I started back to school part time, I'm taking Psychology 2301 and Principals of Accounting 2301 on Monday and Wednesday evenings so it's been keeping me busy. As far as the weight loss...nada in that department. I joined Weight Watchers but haven't had much luck with sticking to the plan, so I stopped going because I felt like it was wasting $12 a week when I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing. My plan is to get started on WW again once my schedule gets used to and then I'll hopefully be able to get back on track. According to my scale at home I'm at about 158 lbs, so I'd like to lose at least another 20 to 25 lbs to make my goal weight. I know I've been saying for months that I'd update my photo page, and I'm going to make the effort to do that this weekend. Maybe that will help with the motivation to actually see a picture of how far I've come so far.

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